воскресенье, 24 февраля 2013 г.

Hello! My name is Mr. Zombie.

Some people think that Zombie is plush toy. But it doesn’t right, Zombie  just can disguise very  well. Zombie is clever and sly and doesn’t want any person see him doing something. It is Zombie’s secrets. But you can be sure Zombie leads a healthy way of life and doesn't take drugs!

Sometimes Zombie packs up lunch for Andrew and writes funny notes on little pieces of paper. Zombie do this at night, because people sleep and no one can see him.
Zombie likes night time. So quiet and Zombie can light aromatic candles, read books or practice yoga. If someone notices Zombie, he can pretend that it isn’t Zombie.

Also sometimes Zombie cooking something tasty and invent new recipes. Zombie is very talented and he will be a Zombie-cook in future!

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